The current global business environment supports the conclusion that for accelerated business benefits such as lower operating costs, improved business processes as well as smooth, timely and efficient integration of various acquisitions into a cohesive business organization, an inevitable shift to IT-enabled shared services is of paramount importance. The institutionalization of shared IT services has to subscribe to an ‘industrial scale’ with efficient delivery of a variety of IT solutions and services.
NETWATCH’s outsourcing practice offers a full scope of services to meet these global needs. We provide onshore, offshore and nearshore managed services to our clients with a unique proposition and multifaceted expertise. We offer world-class skills, technology and resources to consult, design, develop and deploy business processes and IT solutions under a multi-year contractual relationship.

Our outsourcing initiatives and programs form an integral part of strategic sourcing and business optimization objectives such as:

  •  Improving competitive positioning
  •  Reducing costs while meeting deadlines
  • Optimizing and maintaining the integrity of current business applications
  • Relying on skilled resources with state-of-the-art technology knowledge
  • Utilizing innovative and emerging technologies like cloud, analytics, and mobility