Netwatch has invested in creating a comprehensive Security portfolio, including best practices that meet today’s Security with an association with international vendors.

Our teams of experts are certified Security specialists who get in to details of every business &
study the following parameters –

  • What controls and procedures exist within the organization to ensure data integrity and privacy?
  • Are these procedures regularly analyzed?
  • What is the plan for business continuity and disaster recovery?
  •  How often does the team back up data?
  • What are the current preventive techniques in case of malicious changes to data?
  •  What is the process followed in case of a security breach?
  •  Who all have access to the organization’s data?

All of the above are the scrutinized to understand the existing security environment along with the processes followed to ensure a reliable framework. Netwatch’s team works on building an encryption free environment for all its customers with a flawless compliance infrastructure in place.